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Beacon Church

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About Us

We are a worshipping community in and for the people of Bordon, Hampshire.

In 2017, we got together to plant a new church that we pray will be a resource to the developing town centre long into the future, serving those who live, work and visit this amazing place.

Our Vision

To be a Beacon of Love

We believe that the Church belongs in the centre of our community. We want to welcome and encourage everyone, wherever they are emotionally or spiritually, to feel that they belong - whether they have a faith, none, or are not sure. We acknowledge that church can often feel boring, irrelevant and exclusive.

To be a Beacon of Joy

We believe that everyone has value and that everyone has a role to play in church. We are so much more than just a worship service, but rather strive to be an inclusive and authentic church that builds relationships and grows disciples through: bible teaching, fellowship, breaking bread, prayer, giving, service, eating together, gladness and generosity, worship and making new disciples of Jesus.

To be a Beacon of Hope

We love our town and want to serve here with generosity and love. We have a particular passion to be alongside those in any sort of need, trouble or difficulty. We know that what we receive from God comes in direct response to how much we give away and so will always give away a percentage of everything we have to those in need.

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We take the safety of our community very seriously. Below is a list of denominational reporting pages for safeguarding issues:

Church of England
Methodist Church
United Reformed Church

Going for Growth, a service by the Church of England, has useful resources and signposting for keeping safe online.